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How to attract the right life partner in our lives

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This article explains the changes that we need to make in our subconscious mind to attract a right life partner for ourselves. The right match is a supplement for us who makes us become a better version of who we are but cannot complete us.


We all have gone through bad relationships which kept us miserable for several days or maybe for years. Relationships do not last long if partners are not meant for each other or not made for each other. In the beginning, if we discover that our partner isn’t right for us then we can save ourselves from going through all that pain and suffering. This is why we need to find a right life partner for ourselves. If partners are right for each other then relationship blossoms and if partners are misfits then the relationship may never reach the next level. 

Finding a perfect match is difficult

If finding a right partner was more like a child’s game, then each and every person on this earth would have been happy and whether it is a relationship or marriage, it would have turned out to be perfect in every sense. However, this task does not seem to be easy. There are billions of people around us and finding right person from them seems really a challenge. 

We can see that time is ticking and most of us are struggling to find that right one with whom we can spend rest of our lives happily. This is why we take initiative and let ourselves out. We date others, get into a relationship with them and even move in with them. However, sooner or later, we will discover that the person isn’t really right for us and thus we always end up dating and ending with wrong people. All we ask is a right life partner who can perfectly fit in our lives and always end up attracting or getting attracted to wrong people.

Our subconsciousness is the culprit

We only attract what we really want. We can neither blame our destiny nor others for ending up with misfits. Somewhere in the subconscious mind of ours, we wanted a misfit for ourselves, at least for time being and that is what leads us on. The relationship that did not last long or did not do well can also be a stepping stone in our lives. We get to learn so much from it. The energy that we put outside or vibrate will eventually attract the same type of energy. If our intention is to attract love then we will vibrate love and seek the same. If we vibrate energy that says we are not interested in a long lasting relationship then we will always attract those people who feel the same and thereby we can find ourselves ending up with the same ones every time. 

Most of us have no idea about what kind of energy we are letting out. If we concentrate a little, we will soon realize that our energy and thoughts usually revolve around what we do not want, rather than what we want. If we think more regarding what we want then we are going to eventually end up getting what we want. If our thoughts revolve around what we do not want in our life partner then mainly, we are vibrating fear and our energy lacks confidence. Thus, our fear comes true and we always end up with people with all those qualities which we did not want in them. We need to monitor our thoughts carefully and change them from what we do not want to what we want in order to attract right life partner for ourselves. 

Right life partners are like supplements

It is not wrong to search for someone who shares common interests and likings. However, it is wrong to search for someone who might complete us. There is no one who can really complete us. We ourselves are the ones to complete us. Our right partner can help us in our personal growth. Every day they can help us to become better versions of ourselves. Thus, they are like supplements to us, but in no way, they can complete us. Thus, we need to be sure what our intentions are. Sometimes, we end up with right partner but due to our high expectations, we kind of lose them. When we attract misfits for ourselves, they never help us to become better versions of ourselves and that is why we feel disconnected with them. This is why we cannot feel complete when we team up with them but feel complete when the partner is right. A relationship can only be termed as healthy and will blossom well if both the partners are consciously aware that they are complete in themselves. When both the partners feel that way, they can give their best self to each other and help each other completely.

Create an image of a perfect partner

We may need to be clear about what we are looking for. If we are not really sure of what we want and we keep looking then no way we are ever going to find a right life partner for ourselves. We thus need to create a mental image of what we really want in our partner. We need not be too picky and thus focus should not be more on physical characteristics. The focus should be mainly on the kind of qualities we need in them, the kind of personality which we find attractive etc.

Believe in the existence of true life partner

Most of us, after a few attempts, just give up on love. We need to wait as there is the right time for everything. If we want our life partner to be the right match for us, then we need to wait for the right time. If we become impatient and just grab hands of someone as we feel that time is ticking then we are definitely going to regret our decision for not waiting for the right partner and the right time. We cannot let all those lonely soles bother us who lived alone and died the same. Maybe they wanted to be alone and that is why they were destined to be alone. If we really want to find a right partner for ourselves then sooner or later, we are going to end up with them. If our intentions are clear then no one can stop us from searching the perfect match for ourselves. 

Perfect person does not exist

No one on this earth is perfect. We all carry our flaws and that is why it is foolishness to look for a perfect person on this earth. However, we can find a perfect life partner for ourselves. Our perfect life partner too will have their flaws and undesirable traits. However, their good qualities will overshadow their bad ones and make them completely unnoticeable at least for us. If we learn to accept them for who they are and love them unconditionally then their flaws may not even count. When they do the same then it is said that match is made in heaven and thus the two perfect partners make a relationship perfect. For this, first, we need to learn to appreciate ourselves and love ourselves by completely accepting who we are. Once we do so, we will attract partners who will have the same trait and appreciate us completely. If we ourselves lack this quality then we are going to end up attracting all those partners who are actually unappreciative in nature and thus commitments we make with them do not last very long.


Earning money, establishing a business, advancing in a career are not the only goals in life. Most of us crave for love in our lives and want a perfect partner who can love us madly and complete us in all the ways. However, we often attract misfits for ourselves and always end up in relationships with wrong people. We first need to know what is going on in our subconscious mind. Our thoughts should revolve around what we want instead of what we do not want in our partner. If we vibrate fear, then we are going to attract fear and all those wrong entities. We need to truly believe in love and should have complete hope that our right life partner exists in this world. If we wait patiently then we will for sure end up with them in a loving relationship. We need to keep one thing in mind that life partner can be a right supplement for us and we need them so that we can become better versions of who we are right now. We cannot depend on them to complete us as it is we who can complete us and not them. 

Lastly, we need to understand that no person on this earth is perfect. All we can look for in a person is the perfect partner for ourselves. When two people appreciate each other for who they are, overlooking all the flaws and love each other unconditionally then their relationship becomes perfect and magical.

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