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What to know before developing a mobile game

If it had been in the past, personal computers would have been a common thing that everyone can own. But now, tables and smart phones are becoming something newer and more popular. For this reason, game industry will have another position to stand, we do no longer have to play games with personal computers. As a result, we need to devise game development tools to support us in this case.
Because technologies are still on its way to develop day by day, it means that mobile devices are also getting more and more improved and changed as well as easier to use. 

Therefore, desktop game market is not popular anymore because it is the age of mobile game one. The market of mobile game development is being upgraded with various new products and tools.

On the other hand, as the demand for mobile games is too high, this leads to competitive market competition. You would find it really difficult to notice which product is suitable for you. This article is going to give you some information of necessary tools that you may need for your games.

Construct 2
Construct 2 is a software providing players with an opportunity to set up his own 2D game while he does not need any coding. Moreover, which project that is devised using Construct 2 will be operated smoothly on a wide variety of platforms such as IOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry. Here are some highlighted characteristics of this tool. First of all, it is really fast and easy to use. All you need to do is just to put objects then add some more behavior. Done! Everything is set up. Because of this advantage, even starters or gamers with little knowledge about games can also use Construct 2.

The second point is flexible behavior. This plus can help you save much of your time. And the last one may be the ability which can help your preview your game at any time you would like.

If you are seeking for a tool while setting up a game based on event, Fusion must be your ideal choice. First and foremost, it is really easy to get used to at first as it does not ask you to know any programming language. Secondly, you do not have to take time learning its options, it does most of your job for you.
What you need pay attention to is its important functions. The first one is instructions which can help you at the beginning. The second one is that it contains all visual programming as well as complete development studio with graphic editor already. The last one is very fast and easy prototyping. But the most vital point is, you are assisted at any step of the development by the tool’s strong development community.

Game Maker: Studio
The last tool to be mentioned in this post is Game Maker Studio. This is a tool which has both ease and convenience for starters. It provides the beginners with drag-and-drop method so as to learn its own programming language in the easiest way. The starters may find comfortable and not complex when they want to try developing their own game.

Unlike other tools, thanks to this Game Maker Studio, you do not have to spend a large amount of money to set up your own mobile game. Other good aspects of this tool are complete assistance for the games’ animations, a wide variety of shaders and so on. But one thing you should remember is that working with this tool is not relatively suitable for 3D games.

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